Videos for Bag methods - Flip Duffel Bags, Obtain Crew Parachutes and How to Flip.  

Flip Component: Gloves

C1: Donor Bag from Husky Job, Flight Suit Glitch or Jersey Glitch.  All methods shown in my videos above.  Change Gloves to force a save.

C2: Parachute from the list on the left set as your default before you start the flip.  When you spawn in a lobby, default parachute will show instead of the donor, take off and put back on to force the save. 

C1: Change gloves back or take off to force the save.

When you spawn back in, to make the Duffel bag appear you need to register as a CEO and change style once and back.  For Crew Parachute do the same but In a friends Organization.

Results on the Right.  


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