Video for Gloves method

Flip Component: Israel or Classic Bag

C1: Use any donor Glove from Adversary modes, Transfer glitches or off the rack in any clothing store or Ammunation.

C2: Use the list on the left.  Tactical Gloves are for both Male and Female. 

For Alien Arms, Astro Gloves or Wool Adversary you must apply them last with Adversary Tops Only.  If you don't have the option to add an earpiece in Crooked cop, you must change the colour of your parachute to force the merge. 

(note: Astro and Retro Gloves don't work on female)

Results on the Right.  Any item from the same texture can be used to colour block your Gloves (Stop them from changing colour). 


Texture 0
Texture 1
Texture 2
Texture 3
Texture 4
Texture 5
Texture 6
Texture 7
Texture 8
Texture 9
Texture 10
Texture 11
Texture 12
Texture 13
Texture 14
Texture 15
Texture 16
Texture 17