Torso 1

Video for Torso 1 method

Flip Component: Classic Parachute

C1: Use the component from the chart you want to flip, can be from Racing Suits, Air Racing Suits, Adversary modes or off the rack.

C2: Use the list on the left.  Plate Carriers or Gun Running T-Shirt will work on both Genders. Use the appropriate top to get the result you wish to achieve. 

Flip Results on the Right.  Any item from the same texture can be used to colour block your tops (Stop them from changing colour). 


Console 1 Examples:


Texture 0
Texture 1
Texture 2
Texture 3
Texture 4
Texture 5
Texture 6
Texture 7
Texture 8
Texture 9
Texture 10
Texture 11
Texture 12
Texture 13
Textures 14 and 15 have no Torso 1's.
Texture 16
Texture 17
Texture 18
Texture 19